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from the sudsy start


Meet us

We started making soap for our family years ago, in small batches using ingredients we know and love.

Now we've expanded!!
We're now offering our hand made soaps to you!

All our soaps are made in small Artisan batches by hand using a small list of ingredients you know.

We don't make Ginormous batches.

Each batch is handcrafted and each bar is uniquely different than the next.

Every soap making day is different and what we make that day depends on the creative flow at the time!

For us this leads to new and different soaps everyday with every batch!

Our soaps are made with awesome ingredients like
Organic Coconut Oil,
Unrefined Shea Butter,
Unrefined Cocoa Butter,
Olive and Avocado Oils,

These butters and oils make rocking soap!

We are very excited to share our passion with you, thanks for joining us.

~~ Barbara & Ted ~~

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